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E.g., 23/04/2018
E.g., 23/04/2018
Dates Country/State
23 May 2018 UPAV Webinar - Dental Disease in Guinea Pigs - Dr Deborah Monks Online
23 May 2018 VBG Handling negative Facebook reviews Online
23 May 2018 A surgeon's view on managing osteoarthritis Online
29 May 2018 to 30 May 2018 Large Animal Rescue Masterclass 2018 Western Australia
31 May 2018 The end times - helping your clients in the most difficult time Queensland
31 May 2018 Large Animal Rescue Refresher 2018 Western Australia
05 June 2018 Central West branch ophthalmology evening New South Wales
05 June 2018 Mitigating Veterinary Practice Risk - Top 10 Risks Online
06 June 2018 AVA (MMPB) Emergency Triage of Birds and Exotic Pets Victoria
06 June 2018 Ophthalmology with Dr Martyn King Western Australia
06 June 2018 to 07 June 2018 Australasian Veterinary Poultry Association (AVPA) Conference Queensland
06 June 2018 Ocular emergencies 101: A basic survival guide with Dr Martyn King Western Australia
07 June 2018 to 09 June 2018 Feline Surgery And Dentistry Workshop New South Wales
07 June 2018 AVA (Northern Branch) What is the Eye Trying to Tell Me? Victoria
13 June 2018 After 30 years in Orthopaedic Surgery Online
13 June 2018 AVBIG Webinar - Avian - Feather picking - Dr Anne Fowler Online
13 June 2018 ASAV Webinar - Behaviour - Drug Therapy - Dr Jacqui Ley Online
15 June 2018 Mental Health Symposium Western Australia
19 June 2018 “Triaditis in Cats” Understanding the Trifecta Online
19 June 2018 Mitigating Veterinary Practice Risk - Decrease complaints by better communication Online


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