New Graduate Friendly Practice Accreditation Scheme

New Graduate Friendly PracticeAs the future of the profession, new graduates play an important role. Employing a new graduate requires greater input from the practice than employing an experienced veterinarian, for this reason not all practices will have the resources to employ and properly support a new graduate.

Practices that are able to support new graduates make an enormous contribution to the practice itself, and the profession as a whole. There are several benefits to employing a new graduate, such as: 

  • new graduates have a fresh outlook and have recently been exposed to the latest knowledge, techniques and trends
  • graduates that receive support during their formative years can benefit the profession as a whole, as they tend to be more positive towards the profession and be better trained and skilled
  • properly supported graduates provide positive role models for younger veterinarians who follow in their place
  • graduates that receive support are important from a succession planning perspective as well, as a positive start to their career will mean they are more likely to remain in the profession.

For more information about the AVA New Graduate Friendly Practice Accreditation Scheme read the guidelines or contact AVA national office on 1300 137 309 or at

View the list of New Graduate Friendly Practices.

To participate in the scheme complete the following forms:

Then return them, along with a copy of the employment contracts to AVA national office by fax 02 9437 9068 or post to:

NGFP Accreditation Scheme Coordinator
Australian Veterinary Association
Unit 40, 6 Herbert Street
St Leonards NSW 2065
To be eligible to participate in the scheme the Practice Principal must be a member of the AVA.

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