Veterinary medicines


Vaccination of dogs and cats
The AVA position statement on vaccination of dogs and cats and associated information

Permethrin spot-on flea and tick products
The AVA worked with manufacturers and regulators to reduce accidental cat poisonings from permethrin spot-on products intended for use on dogs

Details of the AVA's work fighting antimicrobial resistance



Discussion paper response: A National Scheme for Assessment, Registration and Control of Use of Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals - 10 February 2010

Proposed rescheduling of benzodiazepines, tylosin and the combination of adrenaline, bupivacaine and lignocaine  - 17 January 2013

Inquiry into the progress in the implementation of the ecommendations of the 1999 Joint Expert Technical Advisory Committee on Antibiotic Resistance (JETACAR) Senate Standing Committee on Finance and Public Administration - 15 February 2013

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