This Summer, the AVA is warning animal owners about the dangers of leaving their pets in vehicles.

The AVA is asking owners to make sure their dogs are up-to-date with their vaccinations with a high risk of exposure to parvovirus at this time of year.

Australia is a nation of dog-lovers and on this World Animal Day (4 October) the AVA is raising awareness of the health and welfare concerns associated with flat-faced dogs.

With spring and summer, the high seasons for ticks, the AVA is encouraging pet owners to talk to their veterinarian now about ways to prevent serious harm or death from toxic ticks.


Companion animal vets around Australia look to the ASAV for services that maintain and increase their skills and knowledge. Continuing professional development in all areas of clinical veterinary medicine is a key service provided by the group.

You must be a member of the AVA to join, and you can contact ASAV on 02 9431 5090 or via email.

Who's on the ASAV executive committee?


ASAV Conference

World class continuing education for small animal practitioners. Attend the ASAV, SCGV and AVBIG 2018 Conference ‘The Abdomen and Beyond’ in Melbourne from 12-16 August 2018.


The ASAV has a range of branded merchandise and client information resources available for sale. Members can purchase merchandise at special rates.


ASAV also operates the Hospital Accreditation Scheme which recognises excellence and state-of- the-art operation in small animal hospitals.


The Australian Companion Animal Health Foundation funds research projects on health issues affecting companion animals such as dogs and cats.

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