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ASAVA Webinars for 2017

Wednesday, 19 Apr - Hyperthyroidism in Cats Dr Darren Foster
Wednesday, 24 May - Abdominal Radiology : Back to the Future Dr Cathy Beck
Wednesday, 21 Jun - Neurology - Epilepsy - diagnosis, novel therapies Dr Georgina Child
Wednesday, 19 Jul - Dental Radiography TBA
Wednesday, 23 Aug - Pathology - cytology - in house Dr Natalie Courtman
Wednesday, 20 Sep - Hip dyslasia - updates in treatment and techniques Dr Lucas Beierer
Wednesday, 18 Oct - Osteoarthritis / chronic pain management Dr Leon Warne
Wednesday, 15 Nov - Practice - Euthanasia and dealing with grief Dr David Foote
Wednesday, 6 Dec - Nutrition Dr Nick Cave

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