AVA Career Connect is the new career centre for job vacancies

AVA Career Connect gives you one central location for finding the right talent for your veterinary practice. Great for job-seekers and employers, AVA Career Connect has been created just for veterinary professionals including veterinarians, veterinary nurses, locums, practice managers and administrative staff. As an employer, you can post job vacancies and also connect with veterinary professionals across disciplines and career stages by browsing resumes and accessing a large pool of highly qualified candidates.

Posting vacant positions is also easy and you can have your next opportunity up and available to view by potential candidates in just a few minutes. Members of the AVA receive a 50% discount on job postings and packages on AVA Career Connect by using a coupon code at checkout.



Are you selling a business, equipment or services?

The Marketplace is a great way to get your service or product in front of the veterinary community. For enquiries contact communications@ava.com.au.




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