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12 January 2018 Don't let your dog go baking mad
12 January 2018 Veterinarians appointed to ASEL review committee
21 December 2017 A moment of impulse, a lifetime of worry
20 December 2017 Protect your pets from poisonous plants
20 December 2017 Avoid an unplanned visit to the vet this Christmas
19 December 2017 Vets welcome new Pet Exchange Register in Victoria
18 December 2017 Be aware, prepare your livestock for the summer months
14 December 2017 Protect pets from heat-related illness as Sydney temperatures soar
11 December 2017 Be aware, prepare for natural disasters
29 November 2017 Response to greyhound racing bills passed in the ACT
21 November 2017 Health and welfare of livestock a key priority for vets in Queensland state election
20 November 2017 Veterinarians play an important role in Australia's agricultural industry
13 November 2017 Aussie producers play a role in the fight against antibiotic resistance
10 November 2017 Vets express concern for the welfare of Pugs at ‘Taste of Braddon’ event
09 November 2017 Pet owners are in the fight to preserve life-saving drugs
02 November 2017 Response to proposed greyhound racing ban in ACT
30 October 2017 Vets encourage owners to get their puppies vaccinated
26 October 2017 Time to put a tick prevention plan in place for pets
13 October 2017 Washing is a winner, hands down
13 October 2017 The welfare of racing greyhounds - a hot topic in Victoria
12 October 2017 Veterinarians welcome new tenancy reforms for pet owners in Victoria
11 October 2017 Snakes are springing - protect your animals from deadly encounters
11 October 2017 Consider your pet's mental health this Mental Health Week
09 October 2017 Pets linked to better management of mental health disorders
04 October 2017 Veterinary experts in WA to share the latest advancements in small animal medicine


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