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20 June 2018 Vets call for compulsory pet food standards and compliance
14 June 2018 Vets urge owners to ensure they have a tick and flea prevention plan in place over winter
06 June 2018 Vets say now is the time to vaccinate your horse to help prevent Hendra virus disease
29 May 2018 Australia’s chief vet to lead World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE)
23 May 2018 AVA continues to be the voice of animal health and welfare science in the live export debate
17 May 2018 Vets say Minister’s response to McCarthy Review fails to deliver on important health and welfare outcomes
17 May 2018 Are Australian cats being provided their fair share of toilets?
16 May 2018 Buying pets online: what you see is not always what you get
16 May 2018 Anaesthesia-free dentistry - a cosmetic procedure harmful to pet’s health and welfare
15 May 2018 Practical biosecurity for day to day practice - raising the bar
14 May 2018 Communication key to addressing dog bite incidents in the community
14 May 2018 Cattle nutrition
14 May 2018 Calving and knowing when to call the vet
13 May 2018 The veterinary industry experiences an Australian first
12 May 2018 Australian vets lead the way in responsible use of antibiotics
11 May 2018 Australian vets touch down in Brisbane for the country’s biggest veterinary conference
27 April 2018 Vets call for greater transparency to ensure on-board animal welfare
27 April 2018 Vets raise health and welfare concerns for flat-faced dog breeds
26 April 2018 Vets say prevention is better than cure…for pets too!
26 April 2018 Veterinarians are critical in keeping farms safe and profitable
20 April 2018 Peak veterinary body welcomes appointment of Independent Reviewer of Live Export Regulator
18 April 2018 Leveraging Blockchain technology solutions for Live Animal Export Reporting
11 April 2018 Veterinarians call for Government to fully invest in live animal export enforcement
09 April 2018 Animal welfare depicted on live export vessel completely unacceptable
04 April 2018 Raising welfare standards on Aussie farms


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