Member logo

The AVA 'proud member' logo helps members promote their commitment to their profession and their association in promotional and other material relating to their personal professional practice.

Guidelines for using the member logo are in the AVA Logo use policy:

  • It must only be used to denote the membership of individual veterinarians. If all veterinarians in a practice are current financial members of the AVA, the logo can be used on practice stationery or the practice website.
  • If not all veterinarians are members, it may only be used by those who are members, for example on their business card or on a web page adjacent to the member’s individual professional background details.
  • The proportions of the member logo must be preserved at all times. The logo must not be elongated on any plane. The print or display quality must be preserved, showing a solid not grainy or pixilated image.

By downloading and using the member logo, you agree to the AVA Logo use policy. As set out in the policy, the AVA organisational logo is no longer used to denote an individual's membership of the association.

Download your preferred format for the member logo:

If you have any questions about the member logo, contact the AVA on 1300 137 309.

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