Pet owners

As with human medicine, we’re learning more all the time about the best ways to prevent disease in dogs and cats. In response to this, in 2009 the AVA revised its policy to recommend less frequent vaccination for adult cats and dogs for some vaccines. The policy has since been re-ratified as a position statement.

Vaccination for some diseases may not be needed on an annual basis. Other diseases such as canine cough (or kennel cough) still need to be boosted at least every year.

You should talk to your veterinarian about the most appropriate vaccination schedule for your pet, as the best approach differs depending on the age and health of your dog or cat, and where you live.

Whatever your vet advises you about vaccinating your dog or cat, it’s still extremely important that you get an annual health check for your pet.

Dogs and cats age differently from humans, so going to the vet each year is like going to the doctor every five years or so for us!

Finding problems early at an annual health check will save time and money later on, and might even save your pet’s life. It’s also a great opportunity to ask any questions you have about your pets health and welfare.

Find out more about annual health checks for your pet.

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