Intensive and other farming practices

The AVA has policies relating to a range of animal husbandry practices in agricultural industries.

These recognise the importance of the welfare of the animals, while also acknowledging the value of improved agricultural production for the provision of food and fibre to Australia and other countries.

Where painful procedures are necessary for the longer term benefit of the animal, herd or flock, the AVA supports the use of anaesthesia and pain relief to minimise pain and stress to the animal. For larger animals, safety of the people handling the animal is sometimes an important consideration for our policies on animal husbandry practices.

Each farming system has animal welfare issues that need to be considered, whether it’s intensive or free range farming. For example, cattle raised on remote outback stations require very different care to animals living in sheds and having regular contact with people.


Letter to Coles on pork and beef policies - 16 November 2010

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