Pet insurance

If your pet has an accident or serious illness, you might need to find some funds in a hurry for medical costs. Owning a pet is a privilege and providing health care is just one of the expenses you need to be prepared for, just like providing food. The Australian Veterinary Association strongly supports pet insurance. We don’t recommend any specific scheme, as all policies are different. Check the details of each option to see whether it meets your needs, or ask a qualified insurance advisor about what will suit you best.

Pet insurance mainly provides cover for veterinary fees if your pet is injured or becomes ill. It can give you peace of mind that you’re in a position to afford all the veterinary care that your pet might need.

What are the benefits of taking out pet insurance?

Pet insurance mainly provides cover for veterinary fees if your pet is injured or becomes ill. Other benefits may include:

  • Paying the costs of looking after your pet if you have to go into hospital for emergency medical treatment
  • The cost of emergency veterinary treatment for your pet if you take it abroad.

What types of pet insurance policies are available?

The cover provided by different products can vary considerably, ranging from accident-only policies to lifetime cover policies. You should choose the type of product and the level of cover to meet your needs.

What is not covered?

All policies will have some exclusions, the most common being pre-existing conditions (those your pet has already suffered from before the insurance is taken out), anything related to pregnancy or birth and any routine, preventative or planned treatments (such as vaccinations, spaying and so on). Most policies have medical exclusion waiting periods from the start of a policy which range from 10 to 30 days.

Pet insurance products

A link to all the pet insurance products available in Australia can be viewed here.

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