Strategic plan


To drive the success of the veterinary profession and promote veterinary science to benefit animals, the environment, the community, and our members.

Core values

  • Collegiality - we respect, listen to and support our colleagues
  • Integrity - we tell the truth, behave ethically and do what we say we will do
  • Knowledge - we base our decisions on evidence, and actively seek out knowledge
  • Animal welfare - the health and welfare of animals is our key concern
  • Innovation - we recognise that creativity and new ideas will lead the way to the future
  • Excellence - we strive for the highest possible standards in everything we do


The road ahead in 2014

In 2014 we are working towards our organisational mission through eight critical success factors.

If we are effective in addressing these critical success factors, the AVA will be on the road to making our mission a reality.

The eight critical success factors revolve around three key focus areas – speaking out, members and a strong organisation.

Each of the eight factors includes detailed projects and targets for this year. We will report back to members in 2015 on how successful we were in completing our projects and meeting our targets.

Speaking out

Effective advocacy is about being a voice for the veterinary profession on veterinary science and the future sustainability of the profession.

Our advocacy program is focussed on five strategic priorities, the issues our members told us are critical to the success and sustainability of the profession.

  • Effective workforce planning
  • Economic sustainability 
  • Better regulation
  • Filling the gap in government veterinary services
  • Fighting antimicrobial resistance  

Community awareness of the profession is a key function of the only organisation representing veterinarians in the country. We facilitate understanding of veterinary science and the profession with the community, politicians and the media.

Differentiation and clear identity seeks to help stakeholders understand the role of the association, the value we offer and how we differ from other organisations.

Projects  Key success measures

Develop veterinary workforce stock and flow model

Represent members in the scheduled veterinary industrial award review

External government relations support for workforce and national recognition projects

Pet insurance taskforce program

Antimicrobial prescribing resources

Undertake research into community perceptions of the veterinary profession and implement communication strategy using research results

Roll out new Vet Ed excellence award and program and promote Vet Ed points

Introduction of expanded online library

Our workforce model is 50% co-funded by government. 

We can demonstrate that AVA advocacy has resulted in positive changes to legislation and regulation.

We engage with the key stakeholders that our advocacy plan shows are critical to addressing our priority issues.   

We achieve a 40% increase in media coverage of campaigns, 10% increase in total media profile, and at least 25% increase in Twitter engagement


Membership culture aims to build a culture in which all veterinarians feel they need to be a member. It includes making the case to non-members about why they can’t afford not to be part of their professional association.

Membership engagement prioritises the needs of members, ensuring they understand the AVA’s role and the value they receive as a member. We also want to provide new and effective ways for members to engage with the association and each other.

Projects  Key success measures

Implement new graduate member program

Pilot trial of practice subscription offer

Social media acquisition campaign

Trial new member communications channels

Implement member communications strategy

Online focus group

Initial discussion paper on strategic challenges for AVA continuing professional development and conferencing

580 new members and a total of 6380 full members at 30 August (10% increase)

90% retention of full members as at 1 October

Maintain our student membership at 90% of all vet students

Convert 65% of our graduating student members to recent graduate members

200 members attend our Annual Conference member forum       

30% increase in LinkedIn reach and engagement

Strong organisation

Effective organisational structure is necessary to deliver on all our priorities. We want to retain diversity throughout the AVA while minimising duplications and maximising efficient use of resources. We also need communicate the structure of the AVA to internal and external stakeholders.

Right people, right roles, right resources is about ensuring all staff and volunteers are putting energy into the right projects, at the right time, supported by the resources they need to get the job done.

Good governance is the way to make sure our strategic plan is implemented successfully, with the right performance measures, systems and outcome reporting.

Projects  Key success measures

Upgrade database, website and accounting systems

Leadership program for group presidents

Improvements to staff induction and performance review processes

Policy on payment of honoraria

Annual revision of group policies and procedures

Annual volunteer satisfaction survey

Continue paperless Board meetings and document access

Introduce election software for online voting for directors

Our IT upgrades are completed on time and on budget

Staff turnover is less than 15%

Average staff service is greater than 3 years

Aggregate satisfaction rating in annual staff survey greater than 3.5 out of 5

90% of category 2 and 3 SIGs access the administrative support provided and 75% of committees are satisfied with support levels when surveyed

Aggregate satisfaction rating in annual volunteer survey greater than 3.5 out of 5

75% of business plan milestones are achieved on time and to quality

The number of members voting via our new online polling exceeds the number who voted in 2013

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