Strategic plan

In 2021 the Australian Veterinary Association will celebrate our 100th anniversary.

Throughout 2015 the board have been developing a new strategic plan to ensure we continue to grow and prosper until 2021 and beyond. The world is changing rapidly, and we need to anticipate what the future holds for veterinarians and your association.

Our vision...

To be the health and welfare leader in Australia’s animal industries.

The AVA and our members, should be recognised as the health and welfare leaders in the wide range of industries we engage with. That includes agriculture, animal health, racing, education, pet care and many more.

What does leadership mean? Enhancing the health and welfare of Australian animals, while delivering value that is critical to the success of animal industries. That value might lie in veterinary science, information, advocacy, innovation or a combination of these.

Projects and outcomes?

It will be a busy and exciting five years. A few examples of projects already planned or underway are:  

  1. Animal welfare has moved to the top of our list of five strategic priorities, reflecting a call from members for their association to be more proactive and visible in this area. We’re working on an advocacy program for 2016 to address specific welfare issues in a strategic way that makes a tangible difference.
  2. Our National Graduate Mentoring Program was launched in October last year. Over the next five years we’ll build on this, and our aim is that the AVA is providing a mentor and partner for every veterinarian at every stage of their career.
  3. Our online presence needs a significant transformation for us to move into the future. We’ll review and update our online presence and supporting systems so that every interaction a stakeholder has with us online is a positive one.
  4. We’ll develop a comprehensive strategy for continuing professional development to take both the AVA and the profession into the future, and ensure we have a veterinary workforce with the skills to meet demand well into the future.

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