About us

The Veterinary Business Group (VBG) is committed to providing an inclusive and supportive community for people within veterinary industries, including: veterinarians, practice managers, nurses and receptionists. It’s your chance to be part of a real community – to network with your peers and to grow your businesses together.

We aim to foster leadership, future proof businesses, and create sustainable practice models.

Membership of the VBG is open to both veterinarians and non-veterinarians. Non-veterinarians just need to become associate members of the AVA first.

VBG Advisory Committee

The VBG consists of an Advisory Committee. The committee’s main function is to provide strategic advice and guidance to the Veterinary Business Group’s management and to promote the best interests of the membership and the industry.

Members of the Advisory Committee are:

Graham Catt (chair person)
David Butchart
Paul Dempsey
Julie Harris
Paula Parker
Steve Pryor
James Ramsden
Judy Rand

VBG Management Team

Michael Mckeand - Manager

Megan Livingston - Administration Officer


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