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E.g., 03/09/2014
E.g., 03/09/2014
26 August 2014 Social marketing to address cat overpopulation
26 August 2014 Good news on antimicrobial resistance in cattle
26 August 2014 Crossbred cats live longer than purebred cats
26 August 2014 Nearly 1000 vets attend the World Buiatrics Congress in Cairns
26 August 2014 Bain Fallon
26 August 2014 Asking appropriate interview questions: equal opportunity influences
26 August 2014 Overcoming anxiety and increasing resilience in pets
26 August 2014 Euthanasia of a greyhound
26 August 2014 Crisis response for animal welfare situation overview report
21 August 2014 Vet students at risk of a lifetime of debt
21 August 2014 Veterinary remuneration – the facts
21 August 2014 Celebrating the village vet's lifestyle
21 August 2014 Volunteering in Australia’s remote indigenous communities
21 August 2014 From the AVA President: A female veterinarian may also apply
21 August 2014 From the AVA CEO: Evolving our thinking on membership
21 August 2014 Misuse of Tri-solfen in cattle is a concern for export industry
21 August 2014 Discovery of Australian bat lyssavirus in horses poses further threats to human and animal health
20 August 2014 From The Queensland Division President
14 August 2014 In perfect harmony
13 August 2014 Natural disasters – be prepared
13 August 2014 Do you use compounded medicines?
06 August 2014 Speak up! We can hardly hear you….
04 August 2014 Position vacant - Veterinary Affairs Manager
31 July 2014 The AVA is going into bat for key boards in SA
24 July 2014 2014 AVAPM conference


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