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E.g., 28/06/2016
E.g., 28/06/2016
27 May 2016 President's report - Dr James Ramsden
26 May 2016 Australia decides 2016 - the veterinary view
25 May 2016 $60 million commitment to mobile black spots programme
25 May 2016 The SuperStream deadline is fast approaching - don’t be caught out!
25 May 2016 Are you overlooking the tax deduction available for the premiums you pay for income protection insurance?
19 May 2016 Royal Canin Breakfast - Making Client Communication Appetising
19 May 2016 Build that financial bridge between your practice and clients today
19 May 2016 Quality, Service and Knowledge
19 May 2016 Ceva helps to save Australia’s koala population from dangerous disease
19 May 2016 Bayer announces new, innovative dog and cat collars
18 May 2016 Practice succession - you have options
18 May 2016 APOQUEL® the breakthrough itch treatment you’ve been wishing for, has now sold over 1.6M tablets in Australia!
18 May 2016 Leading the way in veterinary radiology
17 May 2016 An entirely new taste experience
17 May 2016 Why do we recommend a blood glucose meter specifically designed for cats, dogs and horses?
13 May 2016 How your donation is making a difference
13 May 2016 Interested in attending the UPAV conference free of charge?
13 May 2016 Are graduates entering the profession with the right skills, knowledge and personal attributes?
13 May 2016 FMD Emergency Preparation Course
13 May 2016 AVA Graduate Mentoring Program - Applications for mentors and mentees now open!
13 May 2016 Computer hackers targeting vet clinics
13 May 2016 Baits containing PAPP soon to be released for wild dog management
11 May 2016 Experience the biggest veterinary trade show in the Southern Hemisphere
11 May 2016 How’s your health and wellbeing?
11 May 2016 Together we can make a difference


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