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E.g., 19/11/2017
E.g., 19/11/2017
12 September 2017 Why I still attend the AVA WA Trade Fair
05 September 2017 2017 AVA WA State Conference speaker profile: Dr Alicia Faggella
04 September 2017 Are all the veterinarians and veterinary nurses in your practice vaccinated against Q fever? ...they should be.
01 September 2017 2017 AVA WA State Conference speaker profile: Professor Mark Glyde
22 August 2017 Mentoring - why do it?
22 August 2017 Mental Health First Aid: October-November courses
21 August 2017 Apply now for the Graduate Mentoring Program
21 August 2017 Vets go ‘wild’ for equine education at Bain Fallon
21 August 2017 Caring for your clients after the loss of a pet
21 August 2017 A crash course in antibiotic use
18 August 2017 Pets prove to be a positive influence on social capital
18 August 2017 An international accredited veterinary school for Hong Kong
18 August 2017 Preview of Vet TV
18 August 2017 Donkey poaching: a growing global threat
18 August 2017 Workplace culture: how it affects your practice
18 August 2017 A new approach to content in a digital world
18 August 2017 AVBIG’s guide to understanding behaviour medicine
18 August 2017 Understanding pet insurance
18 August 2017 Love is blind
18 August 2017 AVA Draft Code of Professional Conduct
31 July 2017 ACT Executive Officer's Report
31 July 2017 AVA Conference Round-up
31 July 2017 CSU Student Update
31 July 2017 Letter to the editor: Confusion and concerns about ‘animal welfare’ groups and the AVA
31 July 2017 Swimming the English Channel for brain cancer research


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