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E.g., 21/06/2018
E.g., 21/06/2018
24 November 2017 Request for Notice of Resolutions for the Annual General Meeting of The Australian Veterinary Association Ltd
24 November 2017 Changes to law regulating physiotherapists mean that they are no longer able to be called animal physiotherapists
24 November 2017 AMR: the fight continues
10 November 2017 1080 (sodium fluoroacetate) poisoning involving domestic pets
02 November 2017 From endangered to vulnerable – the snow leopard’s status gets downgraded
02 November 2017 Australian Pig Veterinarians in Fremantle
02 November 2017 Let’s all march for (veterinary) science
02 November 2017 Plastic nanoparticles make fish crazy
02 November 2017 Exercise Athena
02 November 2017 AMR: a global health emergency
02 November 2017 Continuing the fight against one of the world's wicked problems
02 November 2017 A special thank you to veterinary nurses
02 November 2017 Think cybercrime won't happen to you? Think again
02 November 2017 Social media and your practice
02 November 2017 A familiar name celebrates a milestone
02 November 2017 Don’t worry, being happy can help the flu vaccine work better
02 November 2017 Making economic sustainability personal
02 November 2017 Brexit and the UK veterinary profession
02 November 2017 Turtle research at James Cook University
25 October 2017 New AVA Policy - Equality, diversity and inclusion
25 October 2017 AMR Education module - Refresh your knowledge now
25 October 2017 Love is Blind update
25 October 2017 Important Workplace Health and Safety update
23 October 2017 South Australia: Veterinarians helping animals in emergencies
23 October 2017 The inside and out of this year’s AVA WA State Conference


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