For vets and vet nurses

Promote pet behaviour awareness in your practice during Polite Pets Month with activities designed to suit your clients.

Download client information sheets

AVBIG has prepared some client information sheets that you can download and hand out to your practice visitors and we will be adding to these resources in early 2013:


For pet owners

Check into your favourite veterinary practice to find out all you need to know about how your pet behaves. This is especially important if your pet is having behaviour problems - you'll get the best results if you seek treatment early!

You can also check out our resources page for a range of useful information about pet behaviour. From what kids need to know about staying safe around dogs, to the basics on bird behaviour, it's all here for you to read and download for later.

For dog trainers, councils and animal welfare organisations

Dog trainers, shelters, pounds and local councils are also welcome to participate in Polite Pets Month or to listen to one of the free Polite Pets Month webinars.

Organise an event or communication campaign to raise awareness about the importance of pet training and pet behaviour issues and you can use the Polite Pets Month umbrella to promote your event.

By organising a Polite Pets Month activity, you're supporting a nationwide campaign to make life better for both pets and their owners!

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