VetEd approval for CPD events

If you're running a continuing professional development (CPD) activity or event for veterinarians, you can apply for VetEd approval from the AVA. There are several reasons why having VetEd approval is a good idea.

VetEd approval includes:

  • evaluation and approval of your CPD material by the AVA National Education Team
  • permission to use the AVA VetEd logo on your advertising material and to promote how many VetEd points AVA members can earn by attending your event
  • advertising on the online AVA VetEd calendar
  • automatic loading of AVA member points to their CPD statement once the National Education Team has received the details from the event organiser
  • ongoing recognition as the CPD provider on delegates' VetEd statements
  • a guarantee that your VetEd approved events will receive points that are accepted by the state registration boards.

How to apply

To apply for VetEd approval for your event, please fill out the application for AVA VetEd approval.

Please also enter your details into our VetEd calendar and the listing will be published once your event has been approved for VetEd points.


There is a processing fee to cover administrative costs, the use of the AVA VetEd logo on event advertising and attendance certificates as well as listing on the VetEd calendar on the AVA website. The charges include an administration fee of $150 plus an hourly rate of  $25 per hour capped at $500, plus GST.

Events that are run multiple times within a 12 month period will only be charged one administration fee and then pay per hour for each separate event.

Guidelines for providers

To ensure that certain minimum standards are met, the AVA has guidelines for CPD providers who want their activities recognised for AVA VetEd points.

For more information or to obtain a quote for your CPD event contact the Education Coordinator at

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