Celebrating 100 Years!

100 years and beyond: recognising our proud past and looking ahead to a bright future with the veterinary profession in Australia.

Explore the timeline: A look at the last 100 years

AVA's Centenary Marks a Milestone

For 100 years since 1921, the Australian Veterinary Association has been the professional body for all veterinary professionals like you across the country.

We're so excited to be able to mark this occasion with you, our valued veterinary community! 

You and all other veterinary professionals who came before you are integral to making the AVA what it is today. Part of our centenary celebration will involve highlighting our past contributors and future vets as we move towards the next 100 years.

Heroes of History

We celebrates veterinarians who were active in the veterinary profession before they passed away.

Veterinary timeline

We take a look at key milestones, achievements and events within our profession, Australia and the world!

‘100 Living Treasures’: Nominations

Celebrating vets who are, or have been active in the profession, and their achievements.