‘100 Living Treasures’: Nominations


For 100 years since 1921, the Australian Veterinary Association has been the professional body for all veterinary professionals across the country. During the AVA’s Centenary year - 2021, we want your help to mark this occasion as we celebrate our ‘Heroes of History’ and ‘100 Living Treasures’.

“Veterinarians provide unique and vital services that are essential to our community. We can all feel proud of the veterinarians from our past and in the present, for the contribution they have made to animal health and welfare of pets, farm animals and wildlife over the last 100 years - at a local, national and international level” Dr Warwick Vale, AVA President

100 Living Treasures

Our 100 Living Treasures initiative will celebrate veterinarians who are, or have been, active in the veterinary profession and is also open to all veterinarians working in any sector in Australia.

It has been developed to recognise the achievements of veterinarians who contributed positively to the profession - through their dedication and determination in their veterinary work. Veterinarians nominated as a ‘Living Treasure’ may have made outstanding contributions to the profession through leadership, education or innovation, or simply by having contributed over and above in their particular field of work.

Who can be nominated?

This award is open to all Australian veterinarians who are currently working, or who have in the past worked, in any sector of the profession - whether private practice, government, industry, academia or business.

How do you prepare a nomination?

When completing the nomination form, please provide specific examples of the nominees’ contribution to the profession. Please include details that best demonstrate how the nominee has gone above and beyond in their work within the profession.

How are nominations assessed?

Each nominee will be assessed by the AVA Centenary Committee. In assessing the nominations, the Committee will seek to satisfy that the veterinarian concerned has:

  • Demonstrated achievement at a high level
  • Made a contribution over and above to the veterinary profession
How will the nominee be recognised by the AVA if they are selected as a ‘Living Treasure’?

The 100 Living Treasures will be amplified at our AVA Centenary Roadshow Conferences and across our communications channels, including social media. Our aim is to record a 3-minute talk with the successful nominees.

Are nominations confidential?

All nominations are strictly confidential. The information provided will be used only to assist the Committee in considering the merits of the nomination.

How long does it take for nominations to be considered?

When all relevant information has been obtained, the nomination is submitted to the Committee for consideration and the nominator and the successful nominee will be notified within 4 weeks.


Nominator details

Nominee details

Areas of contribution

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Why should they be recognised?

In this section, please provide a description of what the nominee has done and why you think they should be recognised. Every nomination is different, so just tell us what you know and what you think is particularly noteworthy about your nominee’s service and achievements.