You'll notice some changes this year: Rebranding the AVA

Tassie winLast year the AVA Board articulated our vision and strategy for AVA 2021 and beyond, with a focus on leadership. To fulfil that aspiration we need to behave and look like a leader, and developing a new visual identity for the AVA has been an important project to help drive our success.

I’m very proud to introduce you to our new AVA brand. You will start to see it visually transform your Association over the coming year, culminating at the end of 2017 in a new website and a  totally new online engagement experience.

Brand is much more than a logo. It is the visual representation of an organisation’s purpose and vision, and touches everything we do. Our members and stakeholders engage with our brand across a variety of touchpoints – at events, online, in our publications and more. At the heart of our brand lies our brand story, developed as part of this process.

Developing our brand has involved our design agency THERE, AVA Board members, our marketing and communications team, students, recent graduates and SIG representatives over the past year.

We wanted to respect our history, and as many members have an affinity with Chiron the centaur, a fresh and modern interpretation of this mythical creature was our pathway. The ‘new improved’ Chiron and his staff have intricate line work that we can use as secondary design elements across a variety of applications.

The Chiron logo itself is also very flexible and can stand on its own or alongside ‘AVA’ and/or ‘the Australian Veterinary Association’.

We learned that the garnet colour has significance because it was worn by the Australian Veterinary Army Corps, but ultimately it was decided to take a new direction.

By moving away from the garnet colour, we can use complementary colours to create a look and feel that is more flexible and aligned with our vision to be the health and welfare leader in Australia’s animal industries.

Matte gold brings a more traditional, long-established feel and  is a nod to our history, dark teal is modern and dynamic, and the blue-mint colours are young and fresh.

As we transition to our new look and feel, we are also creating new logos for our SIGs. This is the other important aspect of the brand project, to ensure alignment across all aspects of the AVA so we genuinely present ourselves to the world as one cohesive organisation.

There are exciting times ahead for the AVA as we renew our identity and strategic direction in the lead up to the Association’s centenary year in 2021.

I believe that the new brand we’ve created will help enhance the profile of not only the AVA, but also the veterinary profession.

We hope that we’ve also created a visual identity that we  can all be proud of, meets your expectations and reflects the professionalism and standing you expect from your Association. We’d love to hear your feedback, and of course individual tastes vary, so feel free to send us your thoughts by emailing


The AVA's brand story

As Australia’s only collective voice for vets we are experienced advocates and active leaders on
issues of animal health and welfare. For nearly 100 years we’ve represented vets in every corner of Australia – and we always will.

Driven by science, respect and a collective   strength, we connect our nationwide family of members every day, allowing them to share ideas, knowledge  and  success.

Collaboration makes us stronger, both as  individuals and as an industry. By supporting vets we also support their local communities, making a positive and enduring difference  daily.

Developed by design agency, THERE

Graham Catt
Chief Executive Officer

This article appeared in the January/February 2017 issue of the Australian Veterinary Journal

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