Prepare animals for an extreme summer

Understandably, losing livestock and pets in extreme weather conditions can be devastating for both producers and pet owners.

A recent Climate Council report says that Australia has just experienced its warmest and driest winter on record so it is important to prepare for more extreme weather this summer.1

Veterinarians are often the first port of call for animal owners who need help during a natural disaster. As a veterinarian, you’re also in a unique position to educate pet owners and producers about how they can prepare a disaster plan in case of natural disasters – including fires, floods, severe thunderstorms and cyclones.

There are some great resources available that you can share with your clients about preparing for natural disasters. The AVA has some useful information and tips for both pet owners and producers.

World Animal Protection also has online information packs for pet owners on how to prepare for disasters. These are free for you to download and share with your clients. They cover a variety of animals, including dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, birds, fish and other small pets.

Assistance during natural disasters

Assistance during and after these types of events are normally well coordinated at the state government level. Each AVA division also has a disaster management plan that’s put into place during extreme events.

If you would like to assist during a natural disaster, or need help yourself, you should contact the AVA Executive Officer in your state or territory for more information.

Rena Richmond, Communication and Media Manager

This article appeared in the December 2017 issue of the Australian Veterinary Journal


  1. Hughes L. Hot and Dry: Australia's Weird Winter. Climate Council. Accessed November 17.

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