Applying for Accreditation

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To enable you to do a deeper dive into topics that are of interest to you and increase your practical knowledge and skills in these areas prior to your accreditation application, a minimum of 150 CPD points of approved structured learning is to be undertaken prior to applying for AVA Chartered Veterinary Practitioner™ accreditation. 


CPD categories

This training is to be undertaken to incorporate two categories as follows:


CPD approval criteria

CPD options must be approved by the AVA.  Typically, these will involve structured learning and incorporate individual feedback on demonstration of learning outcomes (either through assessment or direct observation of practical skills).

A list of approved CPD options is available below.  You can also apply to have your proposed CPD option reviewed and pre-approved by the AVA. 

Book a time to speak with the AVA CVP Program Manager for specific advice on your preferred CPD options.

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When can I undertake the CPD requirements?

CPD options that meet the AVA CVP accreditation requirements can be undertaken before, after, or whilst completing the AVA CVP Education Pathway. 

To ensure currency of the CPD, completion time limits apply.  Normally, this will be within 5 years either side of enrolling in your first course of the AVA CVP Education Pathway.


Integrating Membership of the ANZCVS with the AVA CVP CPD requirements

If you have completed, or will complete Membership of the ANZCVS in the following subjects  you will be eligible for the following CPD credit toward the CPD Requirements for AVA CVP Accreditation. To ensure currency of your Membership training, completion time limits apply.  Normally, Membership is to be awarded within 5 years either side of enrolling in your first course of the AVA CVP Education Pathway.


Other CPD options


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