Maintaining accreditation

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AVA Chartered Veterinary Practitioner™ accreditation is offered as a mark of excellence within the veterinary profession.  This accreditation provides assurance to the veterinary profession and to the public of:


  • the high-quality standards and expectations afforded to a veterinarian approved to use the AVA CVP post nominals; and
  • use of the AVA CVP post nominals both represents and conforms to high quality expectations and standards within the veterinary profession.

AVA Chartered Veterinary Practitioner accreditation is an ongoing engagement by a veterinarian to uphold these standards and expectations, and may be revoked if this does not occur.


Maintenance of Accreditation Requirements


A minimum of 200 Maintenance of Accreditation (MOA) points is required to be obtained across a five-year cycle (in at least three of those years) and reported to the AVA annually.  MOA points are achieved by engaging with functions including ongoing learning, practice in the discipline and engagement with the veterinary profession.

Ongoing learning points can be obtained through engaging with structured and unstructured learning activities and CPD, and are equivalent to CPD points.

Practice in the discipline is your continued engagement with working in the veterinary profession and ranges from 4 – 12 points per annum based on the average number of hours worked in veterinary practice per week.

Engagement with the profession is about how you maintain your veterinary professional networks and contribute to the profession.  Points are awarded for activities such as attendance at AVA conferences, committee service, mentoring veterinary and AVA CVP students; contribution to special projects.

For further information on how MOA points are calculated, refer to C/9.1 AVA CVP Accreditation and Maintenance of Accreditation Policy and Procedure.


Reporting alleged failure to maintain AVA Chartered Veterinary Practitioner Accreditation standards


Reports of alleged failure to maintain AVA Chartered Veterinary Practitioner accreditation standards can be made by an AVA Chartered Veterinary Practitioner, AVA Employee or members of the public.  Refer to C/9.2 AVA Chartered Veterinary Practitioner Accreditation Revocation Procedure for information on how to report and the procedure that will be followed.