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Settling in

The AVA Chartered Veterinary Practitioner™ education pathway courses are delivered online.  Once you have enrolled and paid for your course, you will be provided with information to login to the AVA My Learning platform and access further information.

Access to your course will normally be provided two weeks prior to the course official commencement date.  Refer to Important Dates for further information.

Please take some time to ensure you can log-in and access your course materials ahead of your commencement date so that you can start on time.  Read through information on the AVA Library and other resources that may support you in your study. 

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Health, wellbeing, and counselling

The AVA provides a range of programs and counselling services to help improve your confidence and overall physical and mental wellbeing.  We all experience stress from time to time, and there are some points in a veterinarian’s life and career when you may need to put some extra thought into taking care of yourself, both physically and mentally.

THRIVE is an AVA veterinary wellness initiative that aims to provide a holistic approach to support you lead a satisfying, prosperous, and healthy career.

The following free resources can be accessed from the THRIVE website, along with further information about THRIVE programs and initiative updates.

How the AVA can help

Wellness resources
Mental health resources


The AVA Graduate Mentoring Program connects experienced veterinarians with new graduates so they can receive one-on-one advice and support as they transition into the profession.  The program is structured over a 12-month period and participation is voluntary.

Further information on how the program works, participation criteria and the application process is available from

If you don’t currently meet the participation criteria and are seeking mentoring in a specific area, book a time to speak with the AVA CVP Program Manager to discuss.

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Study skills

If it has been a moment since you last completed formal study you may wish to brush up on your study skills.  There is a plethora of information that you can locate by undertaking a Google search. Here are some resources that may be of use:

  • Learning in a Digital Age “Academic skills for learning success” (link:
  • University of Queensland, 2022 “Help with how to study” (link:
  • University of Queensland, 2022. “Problem solving skills” (link:
  • University of Queensland, 202. “Critical reading and analysis” (link:


The AVA has an extensive collection of scientific literature and helpful resources to support you throughout your veterinary career and study within the AVA Chartered Veterinary Practitioner education pathway.

Access the AVA Library here

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