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Blended learning – anywhere in Australia

Teaching in the AVA CVP Education Pathway courses is delivered entirely online through the AVA My Learning interface (suitable for a variety of personal devices) and combines a flexible online self-paced study materials with fortnightly interactive sessions with your course teachers and peers. 

Assessment has been designed to enable individually practical application of the material you engage with in each course, and you can plan ahead as assessment and submission dates are provided to you up-front in Week 1 of the course.  Each course follows the same format with up to one hour of lecture (in bite-sized recordings), engagement with your teachers and peers anytime via the discussion board, and a fortnightly interactive session via Zoom for a deeper dive into topics scheduled for that period.

AVA CVP Students will complete and finish each course as a cohort to provide opportunities for new connections, collaboration and friendly faces at each fortnightly ineractive session.

The AVA has incorporated feedback from research undertaken with veterinary profession over the past number of years to ensure the AVA CVP course material is designed and delivered to meet your needs as a veterinary practitioner and to enable you to balance work and study. Flexibility is provided for you to study ahead with the self-paced lectures and content, be on top of assessment, and still complete the course requirements within the stated times.  The course material, such as pre-recorded lectures, are provided in short manageable units so you can engage with the course materials in one or two sittings per week, or when you have a spare 15 minutes (e.g., before or after work, during your lunch hour). 


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