What will I study?

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By completing the AVA CVP Accreditation pathway, you will be able to:

  1. Apply comprehensive current knowledge of the key disciplines of small animal practice and clinical acumen to manage common and more complex cases.
  2. Apply an understanding of how fields and disciplines inter-relate, and identify cases that would benefit from specialist input.
  3. Apply critical reasoning and analysis to make informed judgements incorporating the needs of the animal, the client and the veterinarian using an evidence-based approach.
  4. Gather, analyse, and organise information and ideas, and convey those ideas clearly and fluently.
  5. Interact effectively with others to work towards a common outcome, using a variety of appropriate communication strategies to suit your team and clients.
  6. Demonstrate the adaptive and professional capabilities required for leadership roles and career progression.
  7. Recognise and manage the factors that contribute to stress, and understand and utilise appropriate strategies to support wellbeing in your practice.
  8. Work and learn independently and effectively, generate ideas, and innovatively adapt to changing environments.
  9. Formulate and investigate problems and create solutions to improve current practices.
  10. Apply an understanding of social, legal and civic responsibility, animal welfare, human rights, and sustainability to make ethical, socially and financially responsible decisions.


Program structure

The AVA CVP Accreditation Pathway comprises four courses which total 420 CPD points.

It is recommended that you enrol in and complete one course at a time to ensure you maintain a good balance between your veterinary practice obligations and study. 


The AVA CVP Acreditation Pathway courses have been designed to ensure that you engage with the self-paced online material (including lectures and discussion board), scheduled live interactive sessons each fortnight, and assessment for approximately 5 to 6 hours per teaching week.  Weekly topic material and recorded lectures will be made available to students ahead of the scheduled week.  Attendance at fortnightly touch point sessions with your course teacher and fellow students is a requirement of enrolment. 


AVA CVP Accreditation Pathway

Complete all of the following core courses

CVP1010 Veterinary personal and professional effectiveness - (21 teaching weeks) - 160 CPD points             

CVP1020 Essential veterinary clinical skills - (21 teaching weeks) - 160 CPD points        

CVP1030 Veterinary evidence-based medicine:  Evaluation and communication - (8 teaching weeks) - 50 CPD points

CVP1040 Understanding our role in society:  Professional responsibilities and One Health - (8 teaching weeks) - 50 CPD points


CPD Requirements for AVA CVP Accreditation

Complete a minimum of 150 approved CPD points in small animal medicine and practice options that are of interest to you.

Further details of approved CPD options, approval criteria, timing of CPD and integration of other veterinary professional options such as membership of the ANZCVS are outlined in Accreditation.


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