Member categories

To become a full member of the Australian Veterinary Association, you must hold a qualification that entitles you to become registered as a veterinarian in Australia.

Student members need to be enrolled in an Australian faculty of veterinary science and enjoy all the benefits of membership except voting and holding office.

Life members are those who have been full members for at least 35 years and who have retired from full-time work.

Associate members are those who hold a veterinary qualification that doesn't entitle them to be registered as a veterinarian in Australia. Those who are not veterinarians are also able to apply to be associate members if they have a close professional association with veterinarians, are nominated by a division or special interest group, and approved by the AVA Board.

Overseas members must be eligible for full membership and living outside Australia. They are entitled to all member benefits except holding office.

Honorary members are people who are not veterinarians, but who have made a significant contribution to the association or the profession. Honorary members enjoy all the privileges of membership except voting and holding office.

Members in any of these categories can apply to join any of the association's special interest groups.

Contact Member Services for further information on 1300 137 309 or via email.

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