THRIVE is an industry led veterinary wellness initiative that aims to support veterinarians and veterinary staff to lead satisfying, prosperous, and healthy careers.

When addressing mental health across a workplace or workforce it is important to take an integrated approach. An integrated approach to workplace or workforce mental health encompasses three main areas of activity: 
(i) Preventing harm or protecting mental health by reducing work-related and other risk factors for mental health problems.
(ii) Promoting mental health by developing the positive aspects of work as well as worker strengths and positive capacities, and
(iii) Managing illness and responding to mental health problems as they manifest at work, regardless of cause. Protecting individuals who are experiencing mental ill-health so they can return to work and thrive.
THRIVE activities are based on this framework.

Prevent. Promote. Protect.
Preventing harm from psychosocial hazards in the industry, promoting strengths, capabilities, and the rewards of work, and protecting us when we experience stress and are unwell.

Veterinary Wellness RoundTable planned for late October 2022

Industry specific Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Framework 2023

Wellness Symposium 2023

Yes – all veterinary professionals will be able to access the programs and resources.  

A (National) veterinary wellness steering group was formed in August 2022 to assist the AVA Board and Management to successfully deliver our THRIVE wellness initiatives. The steering group will inform best practice for all THRIVE initiatives – supporting and protecting the wellbeing of all veterinary practitioners.

If you’re interested in finding out more about THRIVE, please contact us

Monika Cole – Executive Officer Wellness



In need of emergency help?

Help is available at any time, day or night on Lifeline 13 11 14 and the AVA Counselling Service 1300 687 327.

Telephone Counselling Service

Free support to veterinary professionals and their families all day every day - 1300 687 327 *this is not a crisis line, if life is in danger please call 000.

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Converge International have designed an App to help you optimise your health and wellbeing at work and at home.

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