Unusual Pets and Avian Veterinarians Group Committee


  • Dr Brendan Carmel, President


  • Dr Tegan Stephens, Secretary


  • Dr Michael Cannon, Treasurer

Board Director

  • Dr Robert Johnson, Board Director

Executive Member

  • Dr Lizzie Selby, Executive Member
  • Dr Alexander Rosenwax, Executive Member
  • Dr William Grech, Executive Member

Policy Councillor

  • Dr Bree Talbot, Policy Councillor
  • Dr Deborah Monks, Policy Councillor

Executive Officer

  • Mrs Linda Skauge, Executive Officer

Administrative Officer

  • Ms Linda North, Administrative Officer

Events and Publications Coordinator

  • Dr Marijke Mellor, Events and Publications Coordinator
  • Dr Shangzhe Xie, Events and Publications Coordinator


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