About the Australian Veterinary Association

Championing and empowering the veterinary profession to thrive by providing a voice, education, community and support.


The Australian Veterinary Association – providing a united voice for the veterinary profession for over 100 years.

Today, representing more than 8,500 members, we are committed to championing and empowering the veterinary profession to thrive by providing a voice, education, community and support.

Your voice

Focussing on advocacy for the profession, we regularly meet with government and industry stakeholders, and members of parliament to represent the views of our members, developing and implementing strategies to address the issues that matter to the profession, including workforce issues, animal health and welfare, veterinary legislation and biosecurity.

Your education

Facilitating continuous learning and growth throughout your career, the AVA delivers a range of veterinary education across the country and continues to be one of the leading providers of veterinary CPD in Australia. 

Your community

Providing a supportive framework to enable social and professional connection and bring us together on important issues.

Your support

Providing a Veterinary Health and Wellness Framework to secure a thriving and sustainable future for the profession.

Strategic Plan 2017-2021

The AVA's vision is to be the health and welfare leader in Australia's animal industries.

Board of Directors

The AVA is governed by a distinguished Board of Directors according to the constitution.

Policy & Advocacy

More on our policies and how we represent you on matters across various levels of government.

Code of Professional Conduct

Providing a framework for applying the core values, principles and standards of the AVA.

Corporate Supporters

Find out more about AVA’s corporate supporters.

Programs & awards

AVA's programs and awards that make a valuable contribution to the community.

About the AVA's Groups

19 Groups for members sharing interests and expertise to help fellow members.

AVA Divisions

Representing the AVA to state and local governments, veterinary registration bodies and more.


Providing guidance and advice to the AVA's Groups.

Trusts & foundations

Trusts and foundations dedicated to the health and welfare of animals and veterinarians.

Annual reports

View and download the AVA's past annual reports and learn more about the association.

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