The AVA Victorian Division is active in lobbying government on issues relating to animal welfare and veterinary practice in Victoria.

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Current situation – 22 May 2024 We are investigating poultry deaths at an egg farm near Meredith. Preliminary tests have confirmed the presence of avian influenza.
The Sheep and Goat Compensation Advisory Committee (SGCAC) and Cattle Compensation Advisory Committee (CCAC) primary role is to advise the Minister for Agriculture on recommended projects for funding from the Cattle, Sheep and Goat Compensation Fund and provide guidance for funding rounds and continuous improvements of the Livestock Biosecurity Funds Grant Program.
With May upon us, it is almost conference time and with it happening in Melbourne this year I hope many of you are able to find the time to attend and relax in the collegial atmosphere while enjoying some world class CPD.
The Victorian Division President, Dr Cathy Deague, along with The National President, Dr Diana Barker, attended a stakeholder session during the recent Animal Health Committee meeting hosted by the Victorian Chief Health Officer, Dr Graeme Cooke.
The AVA would like to warmly welcome Dr Laura Dooley and Dr Lorna Undy to the positions of Executive committee member for the Victorian Division of AVA.

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