The Kersti Seksel Award

The Kersti Seksel Award is open to veterinary students from Australian veterinary schools. Hopeful applicants must show an interest in behavioural medicine and a genuine desire to develop this interest upon graduation.

The successful applicant receives one year’s graduate membership to the Australian Veterinary Association as well as one year’s membership to the Australian Veterinary Behaviour Interest Group, further enabling the student’s path towards a career in behavioural medicine.

The Kersti Seksel Award promotes discussion and interest among students in this important field of veterinary medicine. It is named in honour of Kersti Seksel in recognition of her contribution to veterinary behavioural medicine in Australia.

To apply or for more information, contact us.

Join the Australian Veterinary Behaviour Interest Group

You must be a member of the Australian Veterinary Association to join the Group.

Small Animal, Dentistry & Behaviour Conference

The "It's all in the head" program is one not to be missed for small animal practitioners, 12-16 August on the Gold Coast.