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Member publications

  • BVDV Bovine Viral Diarrhoea Virus Management Guides: Beef & Dairy Editions are available online now!
  • Induction of parturition guidelines 
  • Crush Design and Safety
  • A literature review of crush design and safety (commissioned by the Australian Cattle Veterinarians)
  • The dropped ovary technique for spaying cattle
  • Electroejaculators, morphology, and microscopes

ACVlist - member email discussion group

The ACVlist is an initiative of the Australian Cattle Veterinarians where members can participate in a private email discussion list. In this forum, members can seek and express current veterinary opinions about issues that concern cattle veterinarians in Australia.  

The rules and guidelines are created to protect this valuable Australian Cattle Veterinarians member benefit and the interests of all members that partake in these discussions, whilst allowing members to draw an opinion from their peers in dealing with clients, industry, government, paraprofessionals and non-member colleagues.

Whether you would like to start a topic yourself, weigh in on a current discussion, or simply observe from the sidelines, the ACVList discussion group awaits!

Bull Reporter

The Australian Cattle Veterinarians recommends BULLCHECK™ to be reported in a standardised format appropriately named Bull Reporter - with individual certificates available, or multi-bull reports for larger numbers.  

Bull Reporter is a standardised software program which allows veterinarians accredited under the BULLCHECK™ scheme to record details of animals they have examined. Only ACV members may use Bull Reporter software and it is a requirement by many breed societies that only Australian Cattle Veterinarians BULLCHECK™ Accredited Veterinarians be used to carry out the Bull Breeding Soundness Evaluation.

Cattle Vet Consultant (CVC)

In the ideal world, farmers would have a detailed herd health plan that involved activities such as routine husbandry practices, vaccinations, parasite control, reproductive treatments and biosecurity activities that was created with the assistance of an expert who could ensure the appropriateness and correct timing for each component.

The Cattle Vet Consultant is a piece of software designed to allow veterinarians to create farm herd health management plans for farmers in the context of a veterinary consultation.

Cattle Vet Consultant is distributed to Australian Cattle Veterinarians members free of charge for their personal use as a member benefit.

Conference Proceedings

Papers from the official Australian Cattle Veterinarians conference proceedings can be searched and downloaded from the AVA library.

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