AVA Strategic Plan 2017-2021


Our vision

To be the health and welfare leader in Australia's animal industries.

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Our purpose

Our purpose is to promote and advance veterinary and allied sciences in Australia, and to extend the boundaries of veterinary science. We achieve by:      

  • Veterinary Scientific and Technical Leadership
    Providing high level technical and scientific advice, and developing veterinary technical resources, policies and guidelines. 
  • Education and Research
    Presenting an exceptionally well developed and curated advanced education program, including conferences and publishing scientific newsletters, journals and other material.
  • Supporting veterinarians
    Providing the resources and support that veterinarians need for prosperous, healthy careers.
  • Speaking for the profession
    Being an effective, proactive voice of the veterinary profession, driving an agenda that matters to our members and stakeholders.
  • Strengthening communities
    Facilitating collegiality and relationships within our profession, so that members can support their communities.

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Our core values

  • Professionalism
    We behave ethically, tell the truth and aim for the highest possible standards in everything we do.
  • Knowledge
    We base our decisions on evidence and actively seek out advances in knowledge.
  • Community
    People are our greatest resource and we facilitate interactions to share knowledge, advance science and support those in need.
  • Adaptability
    We embrace change and innovation, seek new ideas, look for trends and strive to adapt quickly.
  • Respect
    We respect our colleagues and the value that diversity brings to the profession and the association.

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Our strategic priorities

  • Improving animal welfare
    Taking a lead on animal welfare issues across livestock, companion and performance animals.
  • Fighting antimicrobial resistance
    Joining forces with all users, prescribers, makers and distributors of antibiotics to help preserve these lifesaving drugs as long as possible.
  • Our profession

    Our work in this area aims to ensure the long-term sustainability of veterinary services within Australia, and that the nation has the right number of vets in both urban and rural locations.

    We work to ensure that legislation that impacts animals and the veterinary profession is appropriate, to best protect animals and those who own and work with them.

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Our 4 strategic pillars

  • Leadership
  • Membership
  • Knowledge
  • A strong organisation

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