Corporate supporters


What is a corporate supporter?

Organisations spending over $70K annually in sponsorship with the AVA are invited to become an AVA corporate supporter.

Corporate supporters receive significant exposure to the veterinary profession through AVA events and advertising, and in turn, both member and non-member veterinarians across Australia receive exposure to their organisation.

Why corporate supporters are important to the AVA?

The AVA’s corporate supporters have a significant role in helping the association to continually deliver key services to members, facilitate continuing professional development programs, advocate for the profession and ultimately provide key support to the veterinary profession and help the AVA offer even greater value to our members.

AVA corporate supporters are investing in the future of the veterinary profession and contributing to the ongoing development of current and future veterinarians in Australia.

Our corporate supporters:

The AVA greatly appreciates the support given to the AVA and the veterinary profession by our corporate supporters.





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