AVA PetPEP is the Australian Veterinary Association’s Pets and People Education Program, an education initiative that teaches children about responsible pet ownership and safety around animals.

The program was developed by the AVA and sees veterinarians and veterinary nurses visiting schools to teach children about care for animals. Our tailored online training modules will equip your staff with what they need to undertake these school visits. The training teaches staff how to present the session 'Caring for your Pet's Health' and how to engage with children using age-appropriate language. It also includes access to PetPEP activities and resources  for use during school visits.

In addition, there is an online training module for the staff members in your practice who will be co-ordinating your team's visits to your local schools. This helps you work through the contact and co-ordination process in detail and includes a series of resources to help you and the students make the most out of your PetPEP visits.

If you are interested in being part of AVA PetPEP in your local area, please explore the PetPEP training modules online via the links on the right of this page.


Why should you become involved?

Promote responsible pet ownership

Responsible pet owners are the cornerstone of local veterinary practices, and AVA PetPEP is an inspirational investment in the pet owners of the future. An independent evaluation from the University of Queensland showed that:

58% of children in families without a pet asked to become owners after taking part in the program and 20% of families became pet owners as a result of an AVA PetPEP experience.

Promote your practice

An AVA PetPEP visit will help raise your practice's profile in your own community. AVA PetPEP encourages practices to use their logos in activity sheets used during school visits that are usually taken home and seen by the family. It's also a great opportunity to hand out practice sample bags and promotional material to local school children.

Staff satisfaction

Veterinarians and veterinary nurses can take a real ‘hands on’ approach to educating the next generation of pet owners through their employer's involvement with AVA PetPEP. It's an opportunity to introduce variety and greater community involvement in the daily work of your employees.

Demonstrate your commitment to the community

People want to support a business that supports the community, and actions speak louder than words. Being involved with AVA PetPEP is a visible demonstration of your values and care for the community.


What does a PetPEP visit look like?


PetPEP Presenter Training

Online training to become a PetPEP school presenter.

PetPEP Co-ordinator Training

Online training to help you organise PetPEP visits for your practice.