Australian Companion Animal Health Foundation

The Australian Companion Animal Health Foundation (ACAHF), a not-for-profit trust of the AVA, was formed in 1989. The foundation funds research projects that further our knowledge about the cause, treatment and prevention of diseases in companion animals, primarily dogs and cats.
All donations to the foundation are tax deductible. To make a donation complete the form and send it to:

The Australian Small Animal Veterinary Association
40/6 Herbert Street
St Leonards
NSW 2065

How are funds distributed?

Funds donated are distributed for projects after assessment by the Research Committee. The Committee is made up of eminent veterinarians working either in private practice or in veterinary schools around Australia.
All research projects must conform to the strict animal welfare guidelines of the AVA and the National Health and Medical Research Council.
Examples include research into arthritis, heart disease, cancer and diabetes. This research helps veterinarians gain a better understanding of the diseases that affect our pets so they can treat and prevent disease more effectively.

Your donation

You may request that your donation be directed to a specific area of research, for example a particular species or disease. The foundation trustees will make every effort to fund projects that meet these criteria when sufficient funds are available.
You can also make a memorial donation to the foundation in memory of a deceased pet. A permanent record of these donations is kept and published in the foundation's annual report.

For more information contact the Australian Small Animal Veterinary Association on (02) 9431 5090 or at

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