Benevolent Fund

The AVA Benevolent Fund helps veterinarians and their families who find themselves in difficult circumstances. The emphasis is on practical support to those who may be affected by illness, accident, or otherwise having a tough time.

The AVA Benevolent Fund has also been active in promoting preventive measures to keep veterinarians healthy and well such as the Bob Taylor Wellness Stand at the AVA Annual Conference.

How are funds distributed?

The fund is managed by four individual trustees (all veterinary surgeons), appointed by the AVA Board.

People in possible need of assistance are usually brought to the attention of the trustees by a division representative or individual member. The trustees then investigate their financial and other circumstances to see whether help might be needed. All information provided to the trustees by beneficiaries of the fund is strictly confidential.

Your donation

The fund depends on donations from members, divisions and branches. A voluntary donation is contributed by AVA members and collected with their annual membership renewal.

For more information or to make a donation contact the AVA.

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About the AVA's trusts & foundations

We're involved with a number of trusts and foundations dedicated to the health and welfare of animals and veterinarians.