Stephen Rose Foundation

The Stephen Rose Foundation exists to promote and provide improvements in public health with regard to zoonotic diseases. Zoonotic diseases are infectious diseases that can pass from animals to humans and it should be noted that seventy-five per cent of all new human diseases are zoonotic.

A key objective of the Foundation is the provision of education in the control and treatment of zoonotic diseases (and to promote actions that reduce the future incidence of zoonotic disease). Managing the increased zoonotic risk facing equine veterinarians daily, has become a burden of workload and stress for all equine veterinarians. Veterinarians must follow government regulations and guidelines to protect themselves and others from the risk of infection of zoonotic risks.

Focus of the Foundation

In 2018, the Foundation decided to focus on the Hendra virus which is zoonotic disease. Vaccination with the widely available Hendra vaccine is considered the "gold standard" in managing the risk of disease. Vaccination cannot be mandated by law, so horse owner education and awareness is regarded as vital to the uptake of the vaccine.

In November 2018, 50,000 horse owners attended Equitana in Melbourne over 4 days. Equitana is the largest equestrian exhibition in the southern hemisphere. This was an ideal opportunity to educate horse owners from all over Australia. The Foundation managed an exhibition booth at this event where visitors to the booth provided with detailed brochures and flyers addressing the issues relating to the Hendra virus. Visitors were also invited to discuss the dangers of zoonotic diseases with the volunteer veterinarians in attendance.


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