The AVA runs a number of programs that make a valuable contribution to the community, and help veterinarians to maintain a high level of patient care.

The AVA Awards program recognises the achievements both of individuals and high-performing practices through the Practices of Excellence awards


AVA PetPEP is a community education program that teaches responsible pet ownership and how to behave around companion animals.

ASAVA Hospital Accreditation Scheme

The ASAVA Hospital Accreditation Scheme endorses companion animal practices that achieve the highest level of quality health care and practice management procedures.

Australian Canine Eye Scheme

The Australian Canine Eye Scheme is a national assessment system for registered dog breeds that offers a reliable screening service for a range of congenital and inherited eye conditions.
Australian Cattle Vets

The Bull Reporter provides veterinarians with a standardised way of reporting a bull's breeding soundness.
The National Cattle Pregnancy Diagnosis Scheme is a system of certification for diagnosing pregnancy in cattle.

Committee for Companion Animal Council

The AVA Committee for Companion Animals in the Community is an advisory committee of veterinarians and other animal experts that provide expertise on companion animal ownership and management.

Australian Companion Animal Council

The AVA is a member of the Australian Companion Animal Council, a not-for-profit organisation that promotes the benefits of socially responsible pet ownership.


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