Australian Greyhound Veterinarians

The Australian Greyhound Veterinarians (AGV) has been a special interest group of the AVA since 1984. Membership includes veterinarians from Australia, UK, USA, and New Zealand.

Greyhound Racing

The AGV regularly provides advice and assistance to the AVA as well as various state regulatory bodies.

More information about the group can be found on the Australian Greyhound Veterinarians website.


  1. To promote and encourage the research and science of greyhound medicine and surgery
  2. To provide a networking and support forum for veterinarians with a special interest in greyhound medicine, surgery and general wellbeing
  3. To advocate welfare improvement for all greyhounds through education and cultural change
  4. To provide the AVA with relevant policy, information and advice pertaining to greyhounds
  5. To liaise with local, state and national governing bodies and provide advice, opinion an information as appropriate
  6. Provide official track veterinarians with a protocol, advice and support in their work.

Become a member

You must be a member of the Australian Veterinary Association to join. Join online or contact AVA national office on 1300 137 309.

Contact AGV

Phone 1300 137 309
Fax 02 9437 9068

You can find out more about the veterinary science of greyhounds through the Vet Ed library.


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