Advertising Specifications


If you have any questions about advertising with the AVA, please contact


Bookings and deadlines

Booking: 15th of the month prior
Artwork and assets: 20th of the month prior


Digital Advertising Specifications

Supply URL.
Image format: JPEG or PNG only. 96DPI and 500kb

AVA website
(Member, library and news pages - both sizes needed)
Leaderboard: 728×90px (desktop)
MREC: 300x250px (mobile)

MREC: 300x250px

Vet Voice website
Leaderboard: 728×90px
MREC: 300x250px

Find out more about ad formats at IAB.


Your copy will be subject to internal approval, and the copy may be subject to editing, with the final decision made by the AVA. All advertorial material must comply with AVA policy (e.g. avoiding use of animals with exaggerated features), and references should be provided to support any scientific/medical claims made.  

Acknowledgement that the material is an advertorial, and who it has been provided by, will appear with the advertorial.

Title: Maximum 10 word count
Body: Maximum 500 word count
Image (1): JPEG, PNG. Max. suggested size: 1250 x 1040.  Landscape orientation preferred.
You may link to your website/product within the advertorial text, or supply a URL for your image to link to.