Accredited Veterinary Hospital Scheme

The ASAV Accredited Veterinary Hospital Scheme recognises companion animal practices that achieve the highest levels of quality health care and practice management in innovative, state-of-the-art hospital facilities.

ASAV accredited hospitals set a benchmark to inspire other small animal practitioners when assessing their own facilities and standards.

Accredited hospitals enjoy recognition from clients for the excellent standards of care they offer. When awarded accreditation, the hospital receives a plaque for display, a logo to use on letterhead and other stationery, plus recognition in an issue of Companion.

Many hospitals also report positive effects on staff morale as a result of the recognition of the standards that they help achieve in their workplace.

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  • Frequently asked questions

    • How does my practice become accredited?
      • Firstly, read the Manual of Hospital Standards and Accreditation to learn about the standards you'll need to meet. Then read the New or Reaccreditation submission letter and contact the ASAV office to help you through the process on 02 9431 5091.

        Manual of Hospital Standards and Accreditation

        New accreditation submission letter

        Reaccreditation submission letter

        It's important to involve all members of staff and set aside sufficient time for planning and preparation.

        You should complete and submit all sections of the manual, along with all other submission requirements as detailed in the manual, together with payment to the ASAV Office.  Where possible, all applications and attachments should be submitted electronically via Dropbox©.

        Finally, set aside a day for the actual accreditation process.

    • What are the costs?
      • Initial Accreditation:  $2,050.00

        Reaccreditation:  $2,050.00

        Additional records evaluation:  $260.00 (per resubmission of records)

        Repeat site inspection:  $1,310.00

    • Is the process straightforward?
      • Yes. However if you are having difficulty at any time you can speak with the staff at the ASAV office.

    • Which areas are checked first?
      • The medical and radiographic records are assessed first and then a hospital inspection is organised following that.

    • Do we get our submissions back?
      • Yes. Our preference is for you to submit your application, including medical and radiographic submissions, electronically via Dropbox©, however if you are unable to do this we will return your hardcopies to you following their appraisal.

    • How long does it take?
      • This very much depends on the quality of the materials presented by the applicant. Every endeavour is made to make this a smooth and timely process. However in some instances, the Inspectors may ask for further information from the hospital.

    • When do we get accredited?
      • The accreditation plaques are presented during the Gala Awards Dinner at the ASAV Annual Conference.

    • What about re-accreditation?
      • Hospitals are accredited for four years (in most instances) and then must apply for re-accreditation. Occasionally, hospitals are given a one year provisional accreditation and they have to demonstrate an improvement to be granted an additional three year term.

        For further information, contact the ASAV office on 02 9431 5091 or via email.


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