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Monday 6 May 2019

Royal Canin Breakfast
6.45am for 7.00am-7.50am | Bellevue Ballroom 2

Kindly supported by Royal Canin

Understanding the Canine Brain with Dr Nicole Lobry de Bruyn, BSc BVMS MANZCVS (Feline medicine and Animal behaviour)

Delve a little deeper than what you learnt at vet school to develop an understanding of canine behaviour problems through a deeper knowledge of the canine brain. Recent advances in neuroscience has allowed us to discover many exciting things about how mammalian brains work and use this knowledge to improve the emotional lives of the pets we treat".

About Dr Nicole Lobry de Bruyn

Nicole Lobry de Bruyn

  • Graduated Murdoch University BVMS 1987
  • Over twenty five years in small animal practice
  • Membership in Animal Behaviour ANZCVS 2015
  • Animal Sense consultancy @ The Animal Hospital, Murdoch University since 2016
  • Teaching Animal Behaviour to Murdoch Veterinary students, Years 2,3,4,5

Tuesday 7 May 2019

Hill's Pet Nutrition  Breakfast
Tuesday 6 May 2019, 6.45am for 7.00am-7.50am | 
Bellevue Ballroom 2

Kindly supported by Hill's

Managing concurrent diseases in pets: an integrated approach.

Panel discussion led by an internal medicine specialist.

Australian Christian Veterinary Fellowship (ACVF) Breakfast
Tuesday 7 May 2019, 6.45am – 8.00am | Bellevue Lounge, PCEC

Kindly supported by Bloodline Equipment

Wisdom for life

Wednesday 8 May 2019

Zoetis Breakfast
6.45am for 7.00am-7.50am | Bellevue Ballroom 2

Kindly supported by Zoetis

The Diagnostic Approach to Pruritic Dermatitis in Dogs

Specialist  Dermatologists, Dr Fiona Scholz and Dr Dani Hoolahan, will guide us through the diagnostic approach to pruritus in dogs. This presentation will include a demonstration of the collection and interpretation of cytology, and the importance of cytology in dermatology practice.

Thursday 9 May 2019

Greencross Breakfast
6.45am for 7.00am-7.50am | Bellevue Ballroom 2

Kindly supported by Greencross Vets

Creating Stress Free Clinics

Every day we see patients that are stressed, fearful and painful. Moreover, everyday we are seeing fewer patients due to client concerns over how their pet behaves at the Vet clinic, due to stress, fear and anxiety.

Both the clinical environment and how we interact with and handle patients can increase or reduce this stress, fear and anxiety.

This session will cover how you can make small changes to the clinical environment and your handling techniques to improve the wellbeing of your patients, reduce the incidence of team member injury and create a stress free experience.

Serena Dean BAppSc (VTM), CIV VN;TAE, MBA

Serena has been in the industry for 18 years holding positions as a senior Veterinary Nurse in both emergency and general practice before moving into education, training and leadership and management. As someone who loves to think and dream big, her passion for animal behaviour saw her conceptualise, create and successfully implement The Best Behaviour Program for Greencross Limited. An advocate for the industry Serena is a content contributor, speaker and guest lecturer for multiple platforms including the VNCA and The University of Queensland, along with being a member of the editorial board for the Australian Veterinary Nurses Journal. Serena is currently the Managing Director of Stress free Pets, an animal handling education program and certification for Veterinarians and Vet Nurses. She holds a MBA, Bachelor of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology & Management, Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and is a professional member of the Society of Veterinary Behaviour Technicians (USA).