Curious about acupuncture?

International keynote speaker Rikke Schultz (Copenhagen) will focus on fascia, the often-forgotten tissue. She will discuss fascial planes, acupuncture meridians and points, as well as myofascial kinetic lines in equine and canine patients.

Dr Schultz worked in mixed practice in Iceland, and equine practice in Denmark, while undertaking certification in veterinary acupuncture in 1995 (IVAS), equine osteopathy in 2003 (ISEO) and homeopathy in 2016 (FIVM). She is currently a board member of the Equine Veterinary Society of Osteopathy and manages a holistic equine practice. She has been researching the role of fascia in equine locomotion at the Veterinary Anatomical Institute at the University of Copenhagen for almost a decade.

Certified veterinary acupuncturist and canine rehabilitation therapist Kim Lim will share her tips and tricks in using acupuncture and rehabilitation to improve outcomes in dogs suffering from polyradiculoneuritis (coonhound paralysis).

Dr Lim graduated from Melbourne University in 1990, became certified in veterinary acupuncture in 1992 and completed a Masters in Animal Chiropractic at RMIT in 2003.

Have your say at the Australian Veterinary Acupuncture Group (AVAG) Annual General Meeting at 6pm on Wednesday 8 May. Join friends and colleagues at the AVAG dinner with waterfront views at the Reveley at Elizabeth Quay.

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