Extract up-to-date information on best practice in the dental stream

Dental disease is common and impacts the quality of life of veterinary patients. Knowing how to diagnose and treat dental disease can make a huge difference to their health and wellbeing. It can also take the pain out of dental treatment for all parties.

International keynote speaker Jerzy Gawor will cover the challenges in companion animal dentistry – from diagnosing and managing dental disease in unusual and pocket pets to dealing with jaw fractures, malignant oral tumours and complications. Dr Gawor is a specialist in both surgery and dentistry, with an interest in oncology and unusual pets. Local speakers include Anthony Caiafa, Tara Cashman, Rebecca Nilsen, Michael Lawley, Martine Van Boeijen and Oliver Liyou.

Earn 6 additional VetEd points and take the headaches out of dentistry by attending the Australian Veterinary Dental Society Small Animal Dentistry Workshop on Sunday 5 May. Your tutors, Jerzy Gawor and Dr Anthony Caiafa, will walk you through everything you need to know. From diagnosing dental and periodontal disease, refining your dental radiography technique and performing perfect extractions, you will take home a suite of practice-ready skills to render your patients’ pain-free and optimise oral health. The hands-on workshop, held at Murdoch University’s Veterinary Anatomy Laboratory, is supported by the Centre for Advanced Veterinary Education and iM3.