The first Professor of Animal Welfare - keynote speaker Donald Broom

Donald Broom became the first Professor of Animal Welfare at Cambridge University in 1986, where he set up the Centre for Animal Welfare and Anthrozoology. He has made substantial contributions to animal welfare science, and his definition of sentience appears in many animal welfare policies around the globe. His research interests include the scientific assessment of animal welfare, cognitive abilities of animals, animal ethics and sustainable food production.

Professor Broom has served on numerous international government committees to ensure that animal welfare science is appropriately utilised to formulate legislation.

He has published over 350 peer-reviewed papers and 11 books and sat on the editorial board of a number of journals including Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare.

In addition to his research and policy contributions, Professor Broom has promoted animal welfare science through public lectures and media appearances.

He will be speaking in the welfare, cattle and industry streams, as well as presenting on the inaugural Food Security Day.

Topics include:

  • Assessing pain during disease and operations in farm animals
  • Sustainability and animal welfare
  • Welfare, sentience and law: an international perspective
  • Sentience, welfare, ethics and human entertainment
  • Tourism and marine mammal welfare
  • The welfare of animals during transport.