Meet International Keynote: Gudrun Ravetz

Gudrun Ravetz graduated from the University of Liverpool in 2002 and is best known in Australia as Past President of the British Veterinary Association. She gave birth to her son Leo during this period, and at the age of just three weeks old, he attended numerous veterinary functions.

She is currently Head Veterinary Officer for Simplyhealth Professionals. In addition to a varied veterinary career involving clinical roles, industry, consultancy and management, she has a graduate diploma in law and a post-graduate certificate in business. She is a trained harassment listener, a skill that has proven invaluable whether listening to veterinary students or members of the profession.

Gudrun will present a session on keeping vets happy at work, in which she will share results of the British Veterinary Association project on workplace satisfaction and unconscious bias.

In addition, she will participate in panels discussing the State of the International Market and State of Human Resources.

She has interests in the challenges and opportunities associated with recruitment and retention of veterinarians, and the future of the veterinary profession. Outside of the profession, Gudrun competes in triathlons, marathons, hill running and swimming across major lakes.