Hear what’s on the horizon locally and globally in the industry stream

What are the key changes I the broader business environment and in Australian and global veterinary business landscapes?

Find out more about the state local and international markets, and the state of human resources, in joint panel sessions with the Veterinary Business Group.

Learn more about how to communicate with clients and colleagues in joint sessions with the Education stream, with International keynote speaker Cindy Adams.

International keynote speaker and former British Veterinary Association President Gudrun Ravetz will share the results of the British Veterinary Association survey into workplace satisfaction and unconscious bias, revealing how to keep vets happy at work.

International keynote speaker Donald Broom will discuss changing perspectives on animal welfare and their impacts on animal industries, including animal sentience, animals used in entertainment and tourism.

Find out how industry can support and promote antimicrobial stewardship, prevention of antimicrobial resistance and improved analgesia in the combined Sheep, Camelid and Goat, Cattle and Public Health sessions.

Discuss how industry can help address the global animal disease burden and minimise transmission of zoonoses in combined Public Health sessions.

Network with industry colleagues over a two-course dinner on Tuesday 7 May, right after Happy Hour in the Trade Exhibition. Registration includes dinner and drinks at Sentinel Bar & Grill.

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